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Give yourself Grace!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

As I sit here giving myself a time out because I have now evacuated from my home due to Hurricane Ida. We went to a hotel in New Orleans, then evacuated to a hotel outside of the city. Now we are at our 3rd hotel in a matter of 6 days -- possibly having to go to travel to another hotel or Airbnb within the next three days. I am exhausted!

As I look back at my preparation for the storm, I put gas in the truck, went to the store, and got water and all the food and treats my kids could desire. I washed all the clothes in the house and cleaned everything because you have to have a clean house for a hurricane. Lol! I packed my suitcase and the three little's suitcases along with their computers, books, and favorite toys. I packed my case with all of my important documents.

I didn't sleep that night before the storm, and I definitely did not sleep the night of the storm. That wind was fierce, terrifying, no power, no running water. We evacuated the next day.

We just started driving, not knowing exactly where we were going, as my wonderful cousins were diligently trying to find a hotel for us along the way. We finally settled at the hotel only to get a notice that we will have to travel another 5 hours away to meet my husband's job the next day. It reminded me of my Grandfather as he would sing On the Road Again after Hurricane Katrina when they had to travel again.

I planned for all and made sure all had all they needed to be comfortable and pass the time as best they could.

But I forgot one thing, me.

What do I have to help me pass the time besides calling the insurance company or FEMA? I had to take a step back, breathe, and tell myself all will be ok.

You are one person; give yourself grace.

Thank you to all of my Facebook friends that reminded me that I got this. Because I do, and you do too. We all go through trying times, but it is important to know this too shall pass. You have what it takes to get through it. Take a breather, even if it is just five minutes to take a step outside, take a deep breath and let it go.

You can do it.

Give yourself grace.

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