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THE online space for moms of color juggling motherhood, career, and real life.

Momming, Surviving, and Thriving features the stories of women who've utilized various avenues to become more positive, wealthy, healthy, and thriving. Whether you're looking to balance the pressures of motherhood, marriage, or being a woman—this podcast is for you!
Momming, Surviving, and Thriving helps women answer many questions about parenting, personal development, financial prosperity, and more—all with real talks with knowledgeable guests to bring new perspectives.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including financial independence, entrepreneurship, self-care, and all essential issues to help women create a more fabulous life for themselves as a mom, wife, and just simply as a woman!

Want to discuss a momming, surviving, and thriving topic?

Not everyone’s experience as a mother, wife, or woman is the same, and we want to create an inclusive community covering a wide range of relatable topics.If there’s a topic you want us to discuss, reach out—we’d love to hear from you!Send us an email and let's talk topics that your interested in.

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